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Our Services
Operation and Maintenance Contracts ( O & M)
In this comprehensive Contract, We undertake complete responsibility of the plant to produce the treated water of the designed & quantity. We provide the required manpower, spares & consumable for trouble free operation of the plant.
Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)
The Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) takescare of preventive maintenance. The AMC ensures longevity of components, trouble - free operations and lower downtime, Services include scheduled inspection & scheduled maintenance of the plant.
Water Audits
Water Audits Study is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of water consumption to identify means of reuse and recycling of water. It also enhances the efficiency and complete water circuit, This study indudes segregation of effluent streams and schemes for effectively treating them. Water audits encourage social responsibility by identifying wasteful use, enable estimation of the saving potential. They not only promote water conservation but also deliever cost savings & help companies safeguard public health and property.
Plant Monitoring Services
This service package ensures efficient performance of the plant. The package covers scheduled inspection, Scheduled maintenance, service visits and laboratory services.
We carry out the automation of the existing plant to reduce the manpower and costs. As the manpower cost is getting increased by the day, the need for automating the processes, which in turn calls for automation of the plant. We provide completed support for automating the conventional plants to performance with low cost and lesser human interference.
Upgradation / Revamping
We upgrade / revamp the existing water treatment plants for capacity / quality enhancements as per the customer need. The up gradation / Revamping work is managed by a team of professional with several years of experience in the water treatment field.
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