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Our Products
Ro Purifier Sewage Treatment Plant ETP STP Plants Cleaning Machine Filter
Filter --- Ro Purifier Ro Purifier SS Tank
SS Tank With Filter
& Ozone
Sewage Treatment Plant UF Water Desalination
Water Desalination
Water Desalination
Water Desalination
Raw Water Treatment Systems : Primary Clarifiers, Solid Contract / Reactivate Clarifiers, Lamella Clarifiers / Tube Settlers, Auto Backwash Gravity filters, Pressure Filter / Activated carbon filters chlorination / UV Systems.
Sewage Treatment Plants : using rotation bed contactor systems, fluidized med reactor systems, membrance bio reactors of any capacities, either below ground above ground.
Recycle / Reuse Systems : Ultrafiltration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nana Filtration (NF), Pressure Sand filters & Activated carbon filters.
Desalination Systems : Seawater RO / UF, Brackish water RO / UF, compact skid mounted units.
Conceptual / Process Engineering : Engineering evaluation and cost - effective - capful process engineering of abroad range of conventional and innovative water and waster water collection and treatment systems.
System Detailed Design : Preparation of detailed design drawings for turnkey construction
Turnkey Design - Build - Construct : Provide complete turnkey services on water and waster water treatment engineering, design, construction, installation, start - up and operation services.
Construction / Installation : Provide Civil / Site work construction and equipment installation services on turnkey basis. provide construction management services.
Equipment / Systems Supply : Provide equipment for conventional and innovative processes based on in house systen know how. Proves Technology for water, waste water systems.
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